8 Star Construction at Casuarina

Touted as Tweed Shire's first eight star energy rated home south of Casuarina Beach. The three bedroom two level house is built on a 532 sqm site.

The project was designed by award winning building designers Schafer Design. The design embodies sustainable design principles, methods and materials that work together to create a contemporary eco-minded residence within an urban context. Multi award winning builder Sanctuary 28 Projects enthusiastically embraced the project and also implemented various initiatives to make the project more sustainable.

The design employs many subtle passive design features to keep its predicted annual energy loads to a miserly 26mJ per annum.

It was important to be mindful of the impact on the environment including the manufacturing processes of building products and our ongoing consumption of energy. Steps taken beyond designing, using sustainable principles to incorporating environmentally friendly or 'green' materials whenever possible into the residence. A number of initiatives that were implemented: -

* Passive solar design principles to reduce heating and cooling energy use
* High thermal mass by providing reverse brick veneer construction and polished concrete floor slabs
* The use of low E glass to manage heat gain and loss through glazing
* Generous eaves to windows
* High R value insulation to walls and ceilings
* The use of energy efficient lighting
* Ceiling fans to bedrooms and living areas
* The use of standby master switching and monitoring of electricity consumption
* Use of photo voltaic solar cells as well as solar hot water system.

Other initiatives include:-

* Underground rainwater storage reticulated to toilets and laundry
* The implementation of grey water recycling - awaiting council approval
* Plumbing fittings chosen for high water efficient ratings (3-6 star ratings)
* The use of zero VOC emission paints -Ecolour
* Zero or low VOC floor and window coverings
* Low water usage landscaping utilising local coastal species
* On site waste management plan to recycle and minimise builders' waste
* Use of building material suppliers who employ sustainable principles in their workplace and manufacturing process
* Use of locally sourced materials and contractors where possible