I have plans, will you price them?

Providing you have the copyright to use the plans, Sanctuary 28 are happy to quote from your plans.  To provide a tender we ask for a PDF set of working drawings plus copies of all associated reports ie Engineering / Soil test etc.  For more information on how we can quote your plans contact our office on home@s28.com.au


I have bought a block of land, what next?

Talk to us! We can guide you step by step in the process of building your new home.  It is a involved process so it is best that you connect with our team straight away.  We will make sure you get the best design solution for your block.


Do you have standard plans?

Yes we have standard plans - Plenty of them.  Years of experience has shown us that searching for a plan online is time consuming.  We prefer to look at your block and come back with suggestions on what would work best.  


I have questions that are unanswered?

Contact our team today on 55988844, we would love to hear from you and will be able to guide you in this process