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We talk to Anna, owner of 'Southern Belle' in Casuarina

Southern Belle, located at Casuarina is one of our favourite new home builds. Not only because we loved the style of the home (Hamptons) but also because of the client Anna Broomfield, affectionately nicknamed the pocket rocket.  

Anna loved building her second sanctuary 28 home so much that she is now helping other people with their building journey as a 'New Home' consultant for Sanctuary 28.  

Meet Anna

Sanctuary 28       Tell us about your family, who lives in the home?  I am from South Carolina and I married an Aussie 13 years ago in Australia. We traveled the world.  Landed in the USA and had our first child Kai. Not long after he was born we returned to the place where we were married Kingscliff and had our second child Grayson.  

Sanctuary 28       Tell us about Casuarina, what is it about that location that you love?  Everything.  Sandy toes, southern beaches which you can often find empty for miles, the salt air, the community.  A short drive to anywhere cool. 10 minutes to the airport to fly home. 

Sanctuary 28       Where did you get your inspiration from? tv / magazines /internet etc My childhood, the ideas  and images I have in my mind about a home and the need for it to feel welcoming and warm and full of love. Historic houses on the Beaches of South Carolina, the old Queenslander house. 

Sanctuary 28       What part of the building process did you enjoy the most?  Problem solving only to realize the solution turned out better anyway. Working with Don and watching something you have in your mind become a reality. 

Sanctuary 28       What was least enjoyable? Disagreeing with my Husband, but luckily in the end he just let me do whatever I wanted. 

Sanctuary 28       Which part of your home is your favourite? I love my rocking chair front porch.  My front door, and my bench seat nook in the kitchen. 

Sanctuary 28       Did you have any help with the design and selections?  I had lots of help.  I took advice from all but also trusted myself more the second time around.  I used Houzz idea-books alot to gather ideas of things I liked. 

 Sanctuary 28      Is there anything that you'd change? The windows in my children’s rooms are not big enough, and I need a few more electrical outlets but other than that no. 

Sanctuary 28       Advice for people considering building a home.  Create an ideas book on Houzz, really think about what isn’t working for you in your current home and how to solve problems with your new home. For me it was shoes, backbacks, laundry, surfboards, bikes.  All of these needed a place

Sanctuary 28       Would you build again? 100% yes!!!