A new home for the Browns!

It's not everyday that you get to build a new home for a photographer and we are absolutely loving having her capture and take us on a photo journey of the home building process.  In today's blog post we take a look at the progress so far and talk to our client Vanessa about how they arrived at building a new home.  Meet the Brown family.

We moved from Sydney to Kingscliff 10 years ago and rented a unit while deciding on where we would most like to live!  Danny wanted to live within walking distance to his favourite surf break in Cabarita and found a 3 bedroom beach shack in the ideal location!

I wasn’t 100% convinced but he assured me we would just live in the house for 3 - 4 years and then we would demolish and build!

Nine years on and we have finally demolished that house and are underway with our build!

In retrospect I’m glad we waited, the house our Architect Scott Carpenter designed will grow perfectly with our family!

Our three children have grown up sharing the same room and more often then not the same bed. They are very good at sharing and compromise.  

I absolutely love living in Caba and can’t wait to move into the new house…

The Brown's new Cabarita home, designed by Scott Carpenter Architects

As the demolition loomed, the children were given free reign to create artwork on walls and roller skate in the halls.  A great distraction from the major changes that were coming.